Who we are

LBM is a specialist in optimising water utilisation and remediation of sites.

Why LBM?

Live Blue Marble is named for earth as seen in the first photos from outer space – our fragile blue planet suspended in blackness, whole and alive. LBM’s vision is sustainable use of the earth’s resources. Our mission is to help our clients achieve optimum utilisation of resources and site preservation.

What we can do for you

LBM will apply proven methodology to identify critical process parameters.  Process parameter interaction and the best process settings can be determined.

Prediction of the influence of each parameter on the result. The analyst (or instrument) and parameter 4 do not influence the result whereas parameters 1; 2 and 3 do influence the result.

Not only can the process data be analysed to identify the effect of the process parameters in combination, but the latest technologies can be implemented to maximise your recovery of water for reuse.

How do we achieve this?

Through test-work and process data analysis.

LBM has expertise in experimental design to conduct test-work efficiently. An analysis of variation could be done on the test results and the confidence limits established.

Analysis of a 6 parameter model

The testing methodology and equipment utilised will ensure repeatable results.

The required information will be obtained cost effectively to the appropriate level of accuracy.