Thickening projects

LBM’s thickening track record

A 16 m high wall tailings thickener

We have hands-on experience in thickener operation, testing and specifying the thickeners metallurgically, including “paste thickening”.

Our techniques have been proven in many project consultations, thickener specifications and publications.
LBM has the equipment and professional expertise to test and specify thickeners and flocculants.



  • Orapa number 2 plant construction and commissioning
  • Debswana paste thickener specification, construction, operation and upgrading
  • Upgrading thickeners from different suppliers at Langer Heinrich Mine, Namibia
  • Thickener upgrading at Mupane mine, Botswana
  • Dis-agglomeration of lumpy clay at Jwaneng mine, Botswana
  • The effect of water quality on water consumption at Debsawana mines